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State Court

尊敬的乔希·W. Thacker



P.O. 格里芬街30224号843号包厢


Voice: (770) 467-4474

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Preparing for your Virtual Court Appearance via WebEx Meetings. All Defendants who wish to report to their arraignment date virtually may do so by downloading the “WebEx Meetings” app on their smart phone and logging onto:

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Regarding School Automated Traffic Enforcement (SATE) Camera Civil Citations.

To Pay Your Civil Penalty or view the videos and  photographs on your School’s Automated Traffic Enforcement (SATE) case, 点击下面的链接:

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SATE Program, please click on the link below to the Spalding County 治安官办公室 SATE FAQ page:


Staff Attorney
M. Alexander Hope
(770) 467-4474

Cathy R. Leach, CCR, CVR-CM-M
P.O. Box 1412
格里芬,GA 30224
Voice: (770) 467-4396

资深审判长 & 精神健康问责法庭
Hon. Sidney R. Esary

Veteran & Mental Health 问责法院 Coordinator
Leslie Heffron
(770) 467-8824
通讯地址:P.O. 佐治亚州格里芬1590号包厢30224


Please note that all information posted is subject to our disclaimer.

Persons having business before the court should not rely on the information presented here, but should instead rely solely on printed notices received in the mail. Whenever the information contained in these pages conflicts with a printed notice, 打印的通知控件.


It is the mission of the Spalding County State Court to:

  1. Uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia and the United States of America;
  2. Treat each and every individual with the utmost respect and dignity;
  3. 在任何时候、任何事情上都正直行事; 
  4. To act impartially in all matters without fear, favor, or affection;
  5. To provide all individuals a public, open, and transparent courtroom;
  6. To resolve all matters brought before the court in an efficient manner and in accordance with law.


The Spalding County State Court was created on December 14, 1897, by local legislation of the Georgia General Assembly (Ga. L. 1897, p. 462). 

The Judges of the Spalding County State Court have been:

E. W. 哈蒙德(1898 - 1908)
T. E. 帕特森(1908)
J. J. 弗林特(1909 - 1922)
J. A. 达西(1922 - 1928)
A. K. 马多克斯(1929 - 1941)
W. H. 康纳(1941 - 1944)
William H. Beck (1944)
莱沃德·海托华(1945 - 1948)
John H. 戈达德(1949 - 1979)
Tom E. 刘易斯(1979 - 1988)
Tim C. 克莱默(1989 - 2000)
Sidney R. Esary (2001 - 2016)
Josh W. 查克(2017 -现在)


State Court of Spalding County is a court of limited jurisdiction. 州法院有管辖权, 在县的领土范围内, over all criminal matters below the grade of felony, 包括轻罪, 交通违规, 违反县规. 州法院有管辖权 over all civil matters, 不考虑争议的数量, 与高等法院同时进行, unless the Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction (i.e. disputes concerning title to land, divorce, child custody, etc.). The State Court also has jurisdiction over the review of decisions of other courts as provided by law.


Criminal violations handled in State Court are prosecuted by the Office of the 副检察长.  


All matters that come before this court must be filed with the 州法院书记员.


If you are scheduled to appear in State Court at a certain date and time, it is very important that you appear promptly at the time shown on the notice you receive in the mail. You should plan to arrive sufficiently early to avoid serious adverse consequences which may result from your absence. 

You should dress in a manner appropriate for your appearance in court. 

如果你有孩子, 如果可能的话, you should make arrangements for their care well in advance of your court date so that they do not disrupt court proceedings. Cell phones, pagers, and other devices that disrupt court proceedings are not allowed in the courtroom. 


万一遇到恶劣天气, the State Court follows the policy for Spalding County Government offices. Any missed hearings will be re-scheduled with notice to the parties.


If you are charged with a crime and cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may apply for representation by the Public Defenders Office:

The Jewkes Firm
435 S. Hill Street


The Court cannot appoint attorneys to represent parties in civil matters (private disputes between two or more parties), 法院工作人员也不得推荐律师. Courthouse personnel are legally and ethically prohibited from giving legal advice.

You may wish to contact the local bar association in the county where you are located for an attorney referral. 在斯伯丁县, you may contact the Spalding County Bar Association for a directory of local attorneys. 

The website for the Spalding County Bar Association is 

If you cannot afford an attorney on a civil matter, you may wish to contact the 亚特兰大法律援助协会.


The Spalding County Law Library is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for those dates designated as legal holidays in Spalding County. To visit the page of the Spalding County Courthouse Law Library’s page, click on the link below.


Questions regarding criminal probation and revocation hearings in the State Court should be directed to:

141 W. Solomon Street
格里芬,GA 30224
声音:770 467-4206
Website: 斯伯丁县判决执行处